Select a starter pack


Starter pack Premium

Top-grade S84 Weapon
Elegia Armor Set (or Vorpal)
Premium Account 100% 21 days
Agation-helper Lindvior 7 days
Blessed Necklace of Freya 30 days
Necklace of Valakas 30 days
Frintezza's Necklace 30 days
Earring of Antharas 30 days
Blessed Zaken's Earring 30 days
Ring of Beleth Earring 30 days
Ring of Baium 30 days
Ring of Ant Queen 30 days
Love Potion 100 pcs.
Bounty Rune 25 pcs.
Consume Package 1 pcs.

Pay in a convenient way, and we will send the "Premium" kit to your character (or email)

The best way to pay is thru Stripe

Have questions about starter packs? We've answered the most common

And how does it work?
Very easy! If you already play on the new X300 and have a character, choose the desired starter pack and enter your nickname. After payment, we will send the starter pack to the character's inventory within a couple of minutes.

If you are already downloading our client or planning to play on Scryde next evening, you can buy a starter pack in the form of a promotional code sent to your mail. This promotional code can be used in the Personal Area
Can I enchant the epics from Kits?
Yes, you can. Initially, in sets Epic Jewelry +0, but you can enchant even temporary epic jewellery
Can I buy multiple starter packs?
Yes! You will receive several Kits
What is the Bounty Rune?
The rune increases Adena/Drop/Spoill rates by +20% for 30 minutes.
Can I give a Kit to a friend?
You cannot transfer the Kit in the game, it is better to buy the Kit in advance to your friend's character. Temporary epic jewelry is not transferable in the game.
I paid but didn't receive anything
Check your spam and promotions folders. If the money was withdrawn, but there is still no letter, write to us in support.